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The Brito agency is looking for individuals to join our team and we are looking for a VirtualInsurance Agent. The agency's Britos are looking forward to bringing individuals into their team. The BritO Agency is looking for dedicated individuals to join our team and find a virtual insurance agent.

Entry-level candidates are driven and can quickly familiarize themselves with the business and quickly adapt to a variety of different roles in the insurance industry such as sales, customer service and marketing.

The tasks listed above are intended to indicate the general character of the work performed. It is not intended to contain or interpret the duties, responsibilities or qualifications of the staff entrusted with the tasks. Entry-level salaries - Executives typically receive an annual salary of $25,000 to $30,500 or less. The tasks and responsibilities listed above are intended as a general description of a job and not as a specific job description or job title and indicate that it is required by the employee who has been appointed for that job and not for the purpose of employment or application.

Employment History - Your employment history should cover all positions where you have held at least one full-time job in the last 12 months.

Those with a criminal past are barred from employment at Sarpy County, but individual circumstances are taken into account. Employees covered by the Nebraska Department of Public Health and Human Services (NHPHS) and SARPY County can apply. All employees who work in office, care, maintenance or maintenance professions and are not covered by a negotiated agreement may participate in the district's health insurance plan. We may ask applicants from Sarpy County for information about the application process.

Certified and trained pharmacy technicians: If permitted and applicable in the state, they can expand their competences to also perform vaccinations. Analzye, the ability of a physician to obtain and scan IT records to facilitate the completeness of patient records and care. Ability to document, record and document patient care, as well as facilitate communication with other healthcare professionals regarding patient evaluation and the provision of healthcare services such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals.

In order to be able to advertise this position, you must complete and submit an online application before the published deadline. Applications are accepted in person at the Office of the Secretary of Health and Human Services in Omaha, NE. You can attach your CV, but you must answer all questions about your application in writing (i.e., do not write

For applications submitted after October 15, 2016, Sarpy County reserves the right to prohibit applicants who do not follow the instructions to apply. Examples of this are incorrect applications for a restricted position or applications for a candidate who is clearly unqualified for the position due to minimum training or experience. Minimum wage rates compared to the entry level wage for this position exclude your application from further examination.

They have a maximum of two years to comply with this requirement and, at the end of the employment relationship, employees who have accumulated vacation days based on their salary at the time of termination will receive payment at their respective district rate at that time. For 20 consecutive years of service in the district, paraprofessional employees receive a 3% pay increase and after 10 years a further 4% pay increase. After 20 years of uninterrupted service for at least 5 years in Sarpy County, all paraproscopes and employees will also receive a 2.5% pay increase.

The Papillion-La Vista school district must contribute $101, making it the only school district in Sarpy County with such a requirement.

New technicians must complete a comprehensive training program for pharmacy technicians and meet the registration, licensing and certification requirements in accordance with the guidelines of the State Pharmacy Council. The Papillion - La Vista school district's application for a new pharmacy technician was approved.

Please note that Sarpy County's employment policy provides for several background checks, one of which is a criminal background check, to help advance the application process. McDonald's USA will not receive a copy of your application documents and has full control over all employment decisions, including whether you will receive an interview or be hired, and it is up to the franchisee to involve you in restaurant employment matters. Please note that SARPY County does not accept unsolicited CVs and CVs submitted outside of vacancies will be destroyed.

We accept applications from non-certified individuals who wish to enter into contracts in the Missouri Valley and surrounding area. Certified water and wastewater operator with generally accepted accounting principles and / or accounting experience. Reporting obligations include reporting to the assigned department or institution, as well as the allocation of locations and facilities. We accept applicants with experience as a certified water or wastewater operator and are looking for a non-certified person who is able to work either in the Kansas City area or in any of the surrounding areas under contract with SARPY.