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One spring afternoon, the kids and I went to Freddy's Custard Steakburgers in Papillion, Neb. for a treat. We had just finished two football games and wanted to eat in one of our favorite restaurants. Freddy's. On the day we visited the restaurant, Mary told us about the restaurant's efforts to raise money for the Red Cross to help flood victims in Nebraska. It was interesting to read the caption on the photo to learn more about his history and travels; Freddy is a vet in Vietnam.

My body was not healthy (or strong enough) to be infected with a virus for weeks, so it was infected with the virus at the weekend.

I saw my father, the strongest person I know, come to terms with the fact that his body could no longer fight. I watched as the nurses slowly shut down one machine after another and held my mother as he slipped away from me to avoid her falling to the ground. We watched her make an unbearable decision when she held his hand and told him that she would miss him forever, but that she was waiting for us to be together forever. He looked me in the eye and I gathered as much strength as I could to give him a kiss and we watched him say goodbye to his baby.

I spoke to my mother on the phone for the first time in a long time, in the middle of the night, on a cold, rainy night in Omaha.

The last time I heard my father's voice was after he was recorded on March 28, and I wanted life to be normal again. It was connected to dozens of hoses, wires, machines, etc., but I had to take it seriously because I was still in the midst of a monster. I was in my voice, I was recording everything and I wanted him to have his life back, for life to be normal for me again.

I still think COVID-19 is not real, but I say it is more real to me because I am with my family and friends than I ever wanted to be. If you are new to Omaha, you can subscribe to a free month - a newsletter that you can share with us by subscribing to.

One of the children ordered chicken fingers, the other had a steak burger, which was quite a generous portion for the children. My children had the first choice between sundaes at Freddy's, which I topped with cream and cherries, and the Dirt N Worms sundae. It came with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream on top, and my kids fell in love with it, too. Freddy, who writes as a cub reporter for Daily Nonpareil, I didn't really know what to order.

Freddy's was founded (no surprise) by a man named Freddy, who opened his first restaurant in Kansas serving home-cooked food. It was more popular at Papillion than the original Freddy's, but it was a double steak burger with cheese.

The area's biggest attraction is the Shadow Lake Towne Center, where Freddy's Papillion location is located. There is a Sumtur amphitheatre, which hosts outdoor concerts and has had its share of summer concerts in the summer, but there are plans for a new outdoor amphitheatre, as well as an indoor concert hall and a cinema, all of which are in the works.

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More About Papillion