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Friday Night Lights takes the community schools Papillion and La Vista to a whole new level. Papio PLHS (North Old School), often referred to as "Papio" or "PLHS North" School, is located in Papillion, Nebraska, USA, and is a public high school for boys and girls soccer, basketball, football, baseball and softball.

Originally housed in the old La Vista High School building, Papillion's only school can accommodate students in all 12 grades, with an enrollment of about 1,500.

In 1893, the school moved to its current location in the old La Vista High School building, and the freshman class moved between the two high schools until the school district opened a second high school. So far, 10 of the 12 schools have been closed, and ninth-graders attend two high schools across the county. The school was moved to its present location in 1893 to serve pupils in grades 9 to 12.

At the time, the school decided that the best place for the Titans to play their home games was on campus, and improvements were made. Several projects have been completed to bring the field to a competitive level, but there are still some things that need to be done to ensure that players and coaches deserve a championship.

The Foundation looks forward to continuing its partnership with the University of Nebraska-Omaha and welcoming a new sponsor to the program. The foundation has been able to expand its partnerships with other schools in the Omaha area and other parts of the country.

Students of the PLV Media Academy attend lectures in media science, work on an annual project to record production and report regularly and produce events off the square. Students film games for live streaming, produce and edit content for various purposes. Students produce and record content and edit it for later purposes and production purposes, as well as film and footage of events such as football matches.

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The foundation is pleased to bring the Jumbotron experience to PLH and PL South from the fall of the 2019 / 2020 school year. Find out how your business or business can become an indoor scoreboard partner and be part of an experience that competes with a professional arena. Lincoln Eagles Basketball is open to sixth-through-12th graders at Lincoln High School in Lincoln, NE, and explores the opportunities.

This collaboration ensures that the district is able to maintain the highest quality of life for its students and their families. Turnout is high, hundreds attend sporting activities, and teachers and sponsors lead. Becky Hoch: We already have media students, but there are hundreds of them who participate in every sporting activity.

The PLV Media Academy is designed to give students the opportunity to gain experience in journalism, digital media and media art. Students complete long and short form projects, including writing, photography, graphic design, video production, audio production and video editing. Problem solving, creative thinking, communication and communication skills are the focus of the PLv Media Academy.

Warren Academy offers courses, training and events for students who wish to improve their skills in mathematics, science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The home school sports and arts program offers long-term benefits through socializing, going out and developing the skills needed to succeed in sports such as football, basketball, baseball, football and lacrosse. Individual piano lessons by an experienced teacher, who has been part of our school community for years, are offered in a wide range of styles and styles, from classical to jazz and classical piano.

The Papillion - La Vista Schools Foundation is proud to celebrate the achievements of our students and their immense talents. We are pleased to offer Titan Athletics our support through our partnership with Warren Academy and our involvement in supporting Titan Athletic.

The aim of Swimtastic is to teach young children to swim in a positive, safe and loving environment. The 402 Arts Collective is a local non-profit organization that offers a variety of arts and music classes. Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit arts organization dedicated to providing affordable and accessible arts education in the greater Omaha area.

Every student in the district who needs improvements to their facilities and training equipment is known to benefit from a $100 gift. The banner, visible to thousands of stadium visitors each year, represents the store and provides valuable support to the Omaha High School football team and its athletic department. There are two football fields at the high school, one measuring 14 x 10 and the other 10 x 7, which are located on the home field of the University of Nebraska-Omaha football program.

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More About Papillion